Immigration Attorneys: When And Why To Hire One

If you are an immigrant facing immigration issues, whether filing for a green card or fixing immigration status problems, the best people to help are immigration attorneys. If you don't have a lawyer, immigration proceedings can be intimidating and confusing because immigration law is so complex. In fact, immigration law as a whole can be considered to be one of the most complex areas of law.

Why Should You Hire an Immigration Attorney?

If you or a family member is considering immigration to the United States, a good immigration lawyer can help. The lawyer should be able to assess your eligibility for immigration and represent you through the complex processes of immigration law.

You should hire an immigration attorney if:

  • You need legal advice about immigration issues but do not know where to turn or what questions to ask.
  • You want to apply for immigration benefits but do not know how.
  • You have immigration problems that are getting out of control or causing stress or frustration.
  • You want a professional, experienced immigration advocate on your side.

Here are five reasons why hiring an immigration attorney is a good idea:

  • They Are Knowledgeable About Immigration Law- Immigration is a very complicated area of the law. Thus, when faced with an immigration issue, it's prudent to hire someone knowledgeable and experienced in this sector. Immigration lawyers know immigration laws and rules that apply in immigration courts. They have extensive experience and can help you determine whether or not your immigration case is worth filing with an immigration court.
  • They Can Help with Paperwork- Immigration laws are set out in immigration statutes, which are sometimes written in plain language but often very complex. The immigration process also involves filling complicated forms that must be completed correctly for your immigration case to move forward.
  • They Are Familiar with Immigration Proceedings- Immigration attorneys are familiar with the process of filing an immigration case in court or with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) through a legal document called a Notice to Appear.
  • They Can Represent You in Court- Hiring an immigration attorney to represent you in immigration court is the best way to ensure that your case has the best chance of succeeding.
  • They Can Help You Avoid Immigration Scams- People who do not know the immigration process are often victims of scams, whereby they pay money but don't receive any help with their case. However, an immigration lawyer is in the best position to determine whether you are being scammed by someone offering immigration services.

The Takeaway

Hiring an immigration lawyer makes sense for many immigration cases, such as green card applications and citizenship requests. There are many complex immigration laws, procedures, and processes that are hard for someone without immigration law training to navigate. Reach out to a local immigration lawyer to learn more.