How An Attorney Can Assist With Getting Your Foreign Spouse A Visa

Did you fall in love with someone in a foreign country and it led to marriage? If you want to relocate your foreign spouse to the United States, it is in your best interest to seek assistance from an immigration attorney. Take a look at this article to gain more insight about the services an immigration attorney can offer for a spouse visa.

Determine if the Marriage is Bonafide Enough

One of the most important aspects of your foreign spouse being granted a visa is a legit marriage. An immigration attorney will ask you multiple questions about your relationship with the other party to make sure no fraud is involved. Even if you think the marriage is bonafide, it doesn't mean that your spouse has good intentions.  An attorney will simply analyze your overall relationship to make sure there is a reason to move forward with the immigration process for your spouse.

Gather Evidence of the Relationship

Actually proving that your marriage is bonafide is necessary when dealing with the immigration authorities. Evidence is really important if you and your spouse lived apart for the majority of the relationship, especially if the two of you got married shortly after meeting. An attorney will ask for documents such as phone records, emails, text messages that show you and your spouse keeping in touch before marriage. Other types of evidence might include mutual bank accounts, leases and photographs showing interaction with each others families.

Make Sure All Documents Are Complete

An attorney will make sure all of the appropriate documents are completely filled out for your foreign spouse to be granted a visa. Failing to include all of the relevant information can lead to the application being denied, which can be stressful being that the overall approval process can take a long time. You have a better chance of your spouse being granted entry into the United States the first time around with the expertise of an attorney. Otherwise, you would have to file for an appeal and possibly have to wait even longer before your spouse can relocate.

File for An Appeal if the Visa is Denied

If for some reason your spouse's visa is denied, an attorney can assist with the appeals process. He or she will be your voice before an immigration judge to prove that the denial was an unfair decision. Get in touch with an immigration attorney to start the application process and get your spouse approved for a visa. Contact a law firm, such as Tesoroni & Leroy, for more information.